Jacquelin utilizes Tender Point Release Technique in which tender points are palpated and identified as trigger points, a filiform acupuncture needle is inserted into the belly of the trigger point and the needle is manipulated.  A fasciculation or “twitch response” is elicited and the needle is manipulated until the twitching ceases and the muscle is exhausted.  After all palpable trigger points relative to the patient’s complaints are needled, the patient retains the needles for approximately 15 minutes.  The benefits of Tender Point Release are several; the biomechanical patterns that have arisen because of the injury are altered, at least temporarily; the muscles are passively stretched and the chemistry of the trigger points changes from acidic to alkaline; and by causing a micro trauma, the brain is triggered to release endorphins and other compounds to facilitate pain control and healing.  Tender Point Release, with its roots in possibly the earliest form of acupuncture, has been validated in more modern times.  It shares aspects of Western physical medicine and osteopathy, most notably as taught by the late Janet Travell, M.D.  In developing her trigger point teachings, Dr. Travell was herself inspired by nineteenth century medical texts describing myofascial constriction as the root of pain and dysfunction.